Our Story

Is it possible to run a business focusing on the people instead of the profits? It may sound crazy but this is our exact aim here at Tekku. It is our passion to help others, be it through providing the best products at the fairest prices, or through helping you to understand technology better.

You may notice that we don't offer a massive list of products. This is a deliberate decision on our part. We handpick everything we sell by first thoroughly reviewing the product and ensuring that it offers the best performance for its price, as we look to serve and obtain the best value for you.


Our Name
The name "tekku" originates from the Japanese transcription for the English word "tech" (テック). We have a deep love for all things Japanese, and so you'll find many Japanese references throughout our communications, to things such as popular anime, manga and other traditional Japanese concepts.

There are many virtues that are lived out in Japanese culture that we find especially resonant. Anyone who has been to Japan and entered an establishment will know how welcoming and endearing the Japanese people are. You may be just a customer, and yet you are treated with respect and affection.


Our Values
These are the values that we hold dear to our hearts:

  • Integrity: We commit to remain honest and transparent in all that we do.

  • Respect: We commit to treating each and every person we deal with with the utmost respect.

  • Excellence: We commit to delivering top-notch customer service, by providing you with products that offer immense value, and that suit your needs. We also strive to give you every bit of education and information you need to make your choice and to make sense of technology.

  • Servanthood: We commit to serving you by focusing on you and your needs, and making you better off for having dealt with us.

  • Efficiency: We commit to always finding ways to improve, ways to make things easier for you, to use technology to its utmost.

  • Diversity: We commit to being a diverse business, inspiring unity and companionship amongst our staff, our customers and our suppliers.

  • Fun: We commit to always having fun, even when times are tough.

We humbly request that you, as our most important stakeholders, hold us accountable to our promises. Where you see us missing the mark, give us a shout, a very loud one! Businesses have far less scope for mistakes nowadays, but behind the business, we are mere human beings, and so we could never claim to be infallible. We will make mistakes along the way, but we want to assure you that our hearts are aligned to our values above, and we will always endeavour to remedy any instances where we drop the ball. We will do our utmost to be in a constant state of improvement. We are committed to serving our Nakama, and if we fail in this, we fail entirely, as our measures of success are not financially based.

We hope that our message resonates with you. We hope that you will find value in our offerings. Most importantly, we hope that you will find a place in our community of tech-loving friends who have fun together!

Ready to become a member of our family? You will find us all over the place, pick your favourite area, or else get involved everywhere!


Need help on understanding technology? Check out our ever-growing knowledgebase.

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