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We are deeply passionate about helping you learn, and bring you reviews to help you make informed choices for your purchases. Gaming PCs are expensive, and so you'll want all the advice you can get before purchasing one. We are building up a complete knowledgebase that will contain every bit of information you could ever need to make sense of the PC world and all the technologies therein.

We have a passion for helping everyone understand PCsSo if you're a total newcomer to this arena, or you're a hardcore gamer veteran, you will find value in these articles:

  • Purchasing guides for PC components

  • Basics of how PC components work

  • Product reviews

  • Game reviews

  • Custom PC build guides

If you're a complete novice when it comes to technology, we suggest that you first go through our PC Basics guides, which will help you to understand even the most simple concepts so that technology becomes less daunting for you. 

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