Our Tekku Treasure

 We have a unique loyalty programme here at Tekku, made especially with our nakama in mind. We want to reward you for your loyalty to the crew, and what better way than to grant you treasure as you unlock certain achievements.

For each R3,333 that you spend at Tekku, you will receive a token. There are 12 different tokens to collect:

  • Level 1 = R3,333 cumulative 

  • Level 2 = R6,666 cumulative

  • Level 3 = R9,999 cumulative

  • Level 4 = R13,333 cumulative

  • Level 5 = R16,666 cumulative

  • Level 6 = R19,999 cumulative

  • Level 7 = R23,332 cumulative

  • Level 8 = R26,665 cumulative

  • Level 9 = R29,998 cumulative

  • Level 10 = R33,331 cumulative

  • Level 11 = R36,664 cumulative

  • Level 12 = R39,997 cumulative

Once you have collected all 12 tokens, you unlock a special reward for nakama only. These tokens carry a unique design which we will refresh each season. Seasons only run for a specified period of time, but do not worry – tokens carry over from season to season! True treasure collectors will of course collect them all!

Pssst… there is a rumour that there is a very special token that is ultra-rare, but it brings with it an absolute gem of a treasure. If you find one (trust us, you will know), be sure to contact us as soon as possible and it will be our absolute pleasure to bestow you with the requisite reward!

Terms and Conditions for Tokens

  1. Tokens are accrued based on the cumulative amount you have spent on products or custom builds on the site, including value-added tax, but excluding shipping and other costs. 

  2. To demonstrate how the programme works, a customer who purchases a product for R4,500 will earn a level 1 token, having surpassed the first achievement hurdle. Should the customer purchase another product at a later stage for R2,500, they will now have accumulated R7,000 worth of expenditure at Tekku, and will thus earn the level 2 token. The process continues until the customer has surpassed the R39,997 hurdle and earned all 12 tokens. At this point, they will have unlocked the reward which Tekku in its sole discretion applies as decided.

  3. The reward for unlocking all twelve tokens is entirely at Tekku's discretion, as this is offered purely as a reward for customer loyalty and can be closed at any time should Tekku decide that the program is unsustainable.

  4. Tokens are physical items that are sent to the customer along with their order. Despite the tokens being physical, the tracking of expenditure is based on Tekku's accounting records and no disputes will be entertained in this regard should a customer claim a payment history different from what the order records in our possession show.

  5. Tokens are not transferable. Tokens are linked to the specific user account on the www.tekku.co.za site which has completed the cumulative achievements referred to above. 

  6. The reward earned for unlocking all 12 tokens is not applicable to products that are marked as "On Promotion" on the site.

  7. Tokens are not redeemable for cash. Only once all twelve tokens have been received can a customer redeem these for the designated reward.

  8. Refunds, returns or orders cancelled otherwise reverse any associated cumulative purchases amounts attached to these orders and thus revert progress to where it was before the purchase that was refunded or cancelled was initiated.

  9. The special token drops based on a random number algorithm and is assigned to the particular order that the algorithm selects. 

  10. No reward is earned until all twelve tokens are collected. Each token is unique and each customer has to obtain all twelve. 

  11. Once a customer has received all twelve tokens, a mail or other communication will be sent to notify them of the reward they have unlocked.

  12. The reward earned for the first 12 tokens cannot be used on the same purchase in which they are earned.

  13. A new set of tokens can only be accrued once you have unlocked level 12 and made use of the voucher you have earned. 

  14. Any abuse of this service by any user, such as the use of fraudulent information; creating fake accounts; hacking or unauthorised use of another user's account; or any other form of manipulation that Tekku in its sole discretion deems an abuse of these provisions, will result in the immediate termination of your account and should it be deemed necessary, the prosecution of all parties involved in such abuse.