It's About Time You Tried Brawlhalla.

85/100 - A great way to have fun with the rest of the world (And the boys).

You still have a potato for a PC, isn't it?

No worries, my friend. There are still titles out there for people like you, who wish to play online but have difficulties with hardware. This is Brawlhalla.

What defines it?

With its initial release dating back to 2014, its community has not declined in numbers, instead, it still has new players joining on a daily basis. The 2D platformer-fighter takes its video game style from Super Smash Bros., but it has the famous indie feel that some gamers look down upon. I am certain that you will surely have fun for hours, and that is if you easily get addicted (like this guy here).

Why get it?

Remember when you had to do advertisements for Arts & Crafts in primary and secondary school, and they told you that, "colours attract the customers."? Brawlhalla happens to put you under that spell with its graphics and wonderful colours. The colours make the whole game feel fun and that makes you feel like a child again, despite all of the reasons why you should not.

The title has a variety of characters that you can play as/against and this gives you the chance to witness and use various play styles in which you can use to satisfy your playing needs. I am talking about guns, knives, big knives, battle axes and cannons. You can always get yourself a favourite legend that matches your style and you are always welcome to change it when you find out that you have been investing on a trash character, after you curiously play with a new one.

My favourite part is that you have to grind for in-game coins in order to purchase new legends and some other cool stuff. As we all know, base characters tend to cover the basics of the game and the characters that you have to earn have better perks. So, in order to see progress, you'll have to purchase new legends. This is most likely to boost your noob ego and intimidate other noobs. You can also spend real life money, but that feels like you are ripping yourself off as it sucks out the whole experience of Brawlhalla.

Cool feature.

If you are a grown up and have bad knees, you will surely appreciate knowing that there is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original) crossover for you to geek out on, and if you are as young as I am (and waiting for your delivery of bad knees), you will be excited to find out that there are crossovers with Steven Universe and Adventure Time, just to name a few. This is proof that the game is for the old and the young. A game for everyone.

With that said...

Boot up your computer and start brawling. The video game is available as Free To Play on Steam. See you there.

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