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One Finger Death Punch 2 - A Hidden Gem

Updated: Feb 1

90/100 – A simple, well-made game with fun gameplay

If you are a lover of all things Kung Fu and want to be a virtual martial artist, this game is for you. One Finger Death Punch 2, by Silver Dollar games, is the definition of taking an overly simplistic game design and turning it into an awesome experience. The reason for this is that the game only requires you to press two buttons, left and right. Combinations of these two buttons are designed to test your reaction speed and your ability to memorize the enemy combos.


As mentioned before, you simply left-click to attack in the left direction and right-click to do the same towards the right. Once enemies are within range of your attacks you will be able to execute your attack. If they are not in your range you will fumble, and your attack will miss giving the enemy an opening to attack you. Simple right, but when there are multiple different combo enemies, will you be able to defeat all of them?

The game adjusts the speed of the enemies by increasing or decreasing when you complete a stage, keeping you at the peak of your skill level. The various challenges you will face adds a level of variety that keeps the game from feeling monotonous. Such as Wing Chun, where your attack range is half its original size, or the power weapon stages where your weapon can defeat enemies in one hit.

Game Modes

The game does not have a storyline of any kind but features a campaign in which you fight through a series of various challenges. Doing so grants you abilities to unlock, which will improve your fighting prowess.

There are three survival modes where the goal is to beat as many enemies as possible before you become overwhelmed. The regular version is to simply survive as long as possible, where the blind version requires you to remember the combos of each enemy by looking at the color of them. The third survival mode, called No Luca No, is where a cat will cover half your screen during combat that you will need to shoo away. A good test of your reaction skill.

The game also features a gauntlet mode where you have ten lives, and your goal is to reach the end of a series of challenges without losing all your lives. Similar to the survival modes, the gauntlet can be done in the regular or blind version depending on the level of challenge you want. It is best suited for players looking for shorter, action-packed gameplay sessions.

There are some hidden mini-games too, but they are most likely some of the game studio's concepts that they didn't fully pursue. However, if you are a completionist, there are achievements for playing them on Steam.

Noteworthy Stuff

The game features some great electronic dance music with a traditional Chinese vibe. Perfect for getting in the groove of beating up some stickmen in an arcade fighting-game style.

There is twitch integration as well as local coop that gives the game some sense of multiplayer despite it not being core to the game itself. You can take your skill in the game to the highest level by competing in the leaderboards.

While the game is simple in design, the challenge provided at higher levels can be very difficult. Working out strategies to deal with multiple foes and even developing your reaction speed leaves you with a sense of accomplishment as you get better at the game.


It's fast, it's action-packed, and it's near perfectly delivered. For a game of this price, you'd probably expect to spend a few hours playing it, and that the experience would be weak. However, I have spent over fifty hours in the game and still enjoy playing it in short bursts. The game has an old-school arcade feel that delivers an enjoyable experience without taking anything away from a modern-day game. Overall, a gem of an indie game that has been well-made and is worth trying out.

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