The Souls Franchise And What Makes It Great.

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

94/100- It's one of the greatest things in gaming.

So, you finally finished building the PC of your dreams after putting in all that work, but what's next?

Well, in a world full of online games filled with virtual friendships, sexism, toxicity and racism, we sometimes need some alone time and there is all the fun we can ask for in it. The Souls franchise is best known for its amazing single player mode, and if you haven't played any of them, you sure need to.

What defines it

The original Souls game was developed by FromSoftware and released under Bandai Namco in 2009. If you are in/follow gaming communities in social media platforms, then you know that this game was the beginning of a series that resulted in a large number of broken monitors, desks and keyboards owned by the infamous rage quitters. Although the first game is not as hard, the ones that follow seem to be different from their predecessor as the first achievement you unlock on Dark Souls 1 says, "This Is Souls" and this pretty much sums everything up.

The devs made sure that you die a couple of times (translated into a Thousand), and it takes you hours before you get to the last level of the current stage.

The hours of grinding

With adulthood being everybody's (including you, little one) biggest obstacle, it's pretty hard to keep up with some of your favourite games, but these titles are different as you will at some point feel that they are worth sacrificing your sleep for. With three hours feeling like thirty minutes, it'll surely take you back to your childhood bedroom, where you used to spend countless hours trying to defeat Bowser, which is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

The game will require your sharp video gaming skills and patience as you get to learn/realise something new as you keep dying from the boss' blows. It's a wild ride.

The essence of video games embedded in the franchise.

As a Legend of Zelda fan, I judge most of my games by comparing them to the Nintendo franchise and Souls seems to be as close as I can get.

It's a pit you can't play LOZ on your computer but you can definitely replace it by playing one of the Souls as the difference is that these titles are a lot more harder, making it preserve that retro gaming feel while keeping up with the times.

With that said...

Grab an energy stimulant when you're off work or school and get grinding on a Souls game. The whole franchise is worth of it.

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